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Administrative Directory

Control Room
Department Details
Fire Control
Ph. No. :
Fire Control Room:

Place Phone No.
V.K.I. Area +91-141-2332573
Mansarover +91-141-5178866
Sitapura +91-141-2275250
Lal Kothi +91-141-2741450
V.D.ZoneI. +91-141-2307227
Banipark +91-141-2201898
Ghat Gate +91-141-2615550,101
Baees Godam +91-141-2211258
Amer +91-141-2531282
Flood Control
Ph. No. :
Flood Control Room Phone Number +91-141-2201898

Flood Control Room is established at Banipark Fire station every year during the rainy season between 15th June and 30th September
Electric Control
Ph. No. :
Electrical Control Room

Jaipur Municipal Corporation has 8 Electrical control rooms. Their telephone numbers are as under. Complaints related to streetlights can be registered with these control rooms on telephone and in person.
Place Phone No.
Janta Market +91-141-2619398
Ghatgate +91-141-2618309
Jhotwara +91-141-2345845
Amer +91-141-2531281
Lalkothi +91-141-2741450
V.D. Zone +91-141-2307227
Mansarover +91-141-2392636
V.K.I. Area +91-141-2332573
Citizen Help Line
Ph. No. :
Citizen Helpline Center - Phone Number +91-141-5110111

Jaipur Municipal Corporation has established a citizen hipline center at municipal head office and at various zonal offices. Municipal works such as issue of Birth & Death Certificates, depositing of municipal dues, registration of complaints, sale of tender forms and sale of various application forms, such as, for building permission, sewer connection etc. are executed at citizen help line at the head office. Some of these works such as, issue of Birth & Death Certificates, depositing of municipal dues, registration of complaints etc. are also performed at zonal help lines.
Dead Animal
Ph. No. :

Removal of Dead & Stray Animals Phone Number +91-141-2322482

Encroachment Control
Ph. No. :

Encroachment Removal Phone Number +91-141-2741702

Zonal Control
Ph. No. :
Office Name Contact No.
Civil Line +91-141-5116336
MD Zone +91-141-2615630
Hawa Mahel (East) +91-141-2618474
Hawa Mahel (West) +91-141-2320302
Sanganer +91-141-5181360
Vidhyadhar Nagar +91-141-5128432
Amer zone +91-141-2531281
Mansarovar zone +91-141-5130103

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